There are countless ways to communicate and they are changing every day. We help you sort out where your message needs to appear and how you can better communicate with your patients or customers, your staff and the community.


We designed our first website in 1996 and have created more than 100 sites over the years. Every business needs a website and it needs to be easy to use on mobile devices. About half of the visitors to your site are likely to be using a cell phone. If your site is not responsive, you will lose these visitors. All of the sites we design with WordPress use responsive design.

Website Maintenance

We can provide any level of website maintenance from occasional assistance to complete site management.

Has your designer disappeared? Or do you no longer want to work with them for some reason? We have taken over the management of many sites. We can get your site back on track.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting found is the first step to success and the way that search engines calculate placement on search results page changes over time. We can help your site be found and to continue to rack highly.

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)

You need to be where your customers or patients are. Social media doesn’t just happen. It requires a strategy and a commitment to follow it.

E-Mail Marketing

We create e-newsletters for several organizations that are sent monthly. Newsletters do involve a commitment but they are worth the effort. We can help write, edit, design, produce, and send your newsletter. The results are tracked and measured.


We are very strong print designers. We were founded back in 1987 before the web and were exclusively print designers. We have designed hundreds of brochures and flyers and several annual reports. We can take you from concept to printed piece.


We have created identity programs and designed logos for many of our clients.


There is still a place for print advertising. We created a four-color ad in Scientific American and hundreds of black and white ads for local newspapers. We also run digital ads and AdWords campaigns for several of our clients.