Cell phones are everywhere. You can’t afford to ignore mobile users.

The question used to be, “Do I need a website?” Today, the question is, “How well does my site work on a mobile device?”

You put a lot of thought into your website. You make sure you have content that your visitors are looking for. You make it easy for potential customers or patients to get in touch with you. There is a clear, compelling marketing message to establish your brand. You have a memorable logo. Your site looks great on your desktop computer. But if your site is not responsive it is useless to your visitors who are using cell phones. That’s about half and growing.

A cell phone browser will resize the content of any site to fit the display but whether anyone can read the text is another question. People have low tolerance for struggling with small text or difficult navigation links. They will give up and move on to another site and all of the work you put into development will be for nothing.

There is no way around it. Your website needs to be responsive. Responsive design adjusts the page elements to look good on any device. Look at this site on a cell phone and you should have no problem reading the text or using the navigation.

Take a look at your site on a cell phone. Is it hard to read or use the navigation? If the answer is yes, make a point of upgrading to a responsive website or risk losing visitors and business.

We design WordPress sites (this is one) that use responsive design so that the pages adjust (or respond) to the size of the display. It simply doesn’t matter what device you use.

Photos taken in Seoul, Korea by John Owen. Copyright 2016 John Owen

young women on cell phone