Many years ago when I was working on my back porch with my builder brother-in-law, Ted, he spent about twenty minutes looking over the situation, sizing things up and figuring out where to start. He finally said, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong.” We both laughed but he hit on a good point. We had to start sometime. Planning is great but action gets the job done.

Marketing is like that. Of course, you don’t want to do something drastically wrong but you need to get started. Expect to make adjustments as time goes on. There are costs to doing nothing as well.

You learn something by trying even if the results are not spectacular. Take that knowledge and your second and future attempts will be better for that experience.

Be sure to measure the results of whatever it is you are doing. Anything digital will produce plenty of data. Just about anything can be measured. Just be sure to do so. You can’t improve if you don’t have feedback.

So, take heart and get started. By the way, the addition to my house turned out just fine.