Clearpoint was founded in 1987. We write, edit, design, and produce websites and marketing literature. We strive to maintain a balance with design and content so that our work looks good and says something too.


john owen founderClearpoint founder, John Owen, was a product marketing manager at Motorola and for five years was the sole writer at Haemonetics Corporation in Braintree, Massachusetts. At Haemonetics, he worked on marketing literature and wrote operator manuals. He wrote the Cell Saver Autologous Blood Recovery System manuals and manuals for the PCS Plasma Collection System, the RIS Rapid Infusion System, and other blood processing systems. He has observed devices in use in operating rooms and blood banks and has interviewed doctors and inventors to gather information for reports and manuals.

At Clearpoint, he continued to work with Haemonetics, producing marketing literature and working on several annual reports. He worked with Granite Medical in Quincy to develop their marketing plan and to market the practice for two decades.


At Clearpoint, we have designed more than 100 websites since 1995. We have seen websites go from being online brochures to full-featured virtual offices. We have seen lots of trends come and go and have a good sense of what is useful and what is just a passing fad.

We build sites according to accepted “web standards.” Standards make everything work better. Google and other search engines can scan your site easily. Persons with disabilities can use your site and standards make your site easier to update and maintain.

Print Work and Identity

Clearpoint was started before the Internet. Everything we did at that time was print. We know how to design and how to handle photos and illustrations. We are fluent in both print and web design. Our printers tell us our work just flies through the shop because it is properly prepared when it arrives.